Monday, May 21, 2012

Children's Workbook: "My New Bible"

Sola Publishing is introducing a new Sunday School workbook, titled "My New Bible."  This information and activity book is meant for congregations as they present for elementary-aged students with the gift of the Holy Scriptures.  The booklet was prepared specifically for use with The American Bible Society's "The Holy Bible Children's Illustrated Edition" CEV*

This five-session study introduces students to the layout and contents of their new Bible, shows them how to identifiy books and find verses, and gives them an overview of the major parts of Scripture. To order from Sola, or to see a sample pdf of the booklet's first session, go HERE.

*Recommended Scripture Edition:

The "My New Bible" Sunday School workbook was prepared for use with The American Bible Society's CEV "The Holy Bible Children's Illustrated Edition" Contemporary English Version (see cover picture to the left).  The workbook contains specific page references to this CEV edition, which is also available for purchase through Sola Publishing. To order the CEV Bible, click (HERE).