Monday, December 27, 2010

Activity (Series A3 - Lesson 3): Pencil People

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A3
Lesson 3: Parable of the Forgiving Father (Luke 15:11 - 32)

As part of this lesson the children will make Pencil People:
For this project each child will need a pencil with an eraser, two wiggly eyes each, craft glue, scissors, fabric remnants, and yarn. Glue the eyes onto the pencil near the eraser end, cut a robe shape out of the fabric and slip them over the pencil below the eyes. Glue the fabric in place and use bits of yarn to act as a belt. Feel free to use other items available for further embellishment; bits of craft foam could make a nose or mouth, etc. Explain that just like the father in the story, when we repent and ask forgiveness for our sins, God our Father erases our sins.

Additional activity to go along with the pencil people:
For younger children, using a pencil make, make a list of sins and add some everyday activities that are not sins. Have the children go through the list erasing only the sins. For older children, have them use their pencil to write a letter to God expressing repentance and asking for forgiveness for something they have done; alternatively, they could write to a person who they need to ask forgiveness from or give forgiveness too. Let them know their letters will not be collected and they can do with them what they choose, i.e. possibly giving them to the person they are writing to.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Activity (Series A3 - Lesson 2): Repentance Experiment

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A3
Lesson 2: Jesus Calls Matthew (Matthew 9:9-13)

As part of this lesson the class will do a "repentance experiment":
For the experiment you will need a clear glass full of clear soda pop and raisins. Put a few raisins in the glass of soda pop. Throughout the class time watch the raisins, they will rise to the top of the glass. They may end up sinking and rising again. Explain that our lives of sin and repentance are like the movement of the raisins. When we sin we turn away from God, just like the raisins left to themselves will sink to the bottom of the class. Repentance is when we return to God in faith, like when the raisins return to the top. Some questions to consider:
a) Is it the raisins themselves that have the power to rise, or is something more at work here?
b) Is repentance something that happens just once in our lives, or is it something that needs to happen again and again?

Additional Craft Idea: U-Turn Tire Tracks
For the craft you will need a piece of light colored construction paper for each child, a dark color paint in a tray and a toy car for each child (cars with textured wheels would be the most fun). The level of detail can vary greatly. Older children could list sins or scenarios on the right side of the page and write the prayer from page 8 of the Classroom Resource Book on the left side of the page. Younger children could draw pictures of sinful behavior on the right side of the page and print "God" on the left side.

The children dip the wheels of the car in the paint and drive the car from the left side of the paper "away from God" toward sin, but then turn around and drive back toward God again. The paint will leave "tire tracks" showing how repentance works: as we find ourselves heading toward sin, we turn around and head back to God.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas from Sola Publishing!

As a little Christmas gift from Sola Publishing, feel free to download an original story written by Gerald Kline of Urbandale IA, called "The Magniffy Cat." I've drawn a children's coloring picture of the nativity to go along with it. You are welcome to reproduce the pdf for local use in your congregation. (Hint: It might work well for a children's sermon on Christmas!)

To download, click the link: HERE

Gerald had written the story some time ago.  When he saw my "Luther's Small Cat" mascot, we started talking about how well his story might go along with my own character.  In the coming year, Sola will be producing a story-book version of his Christmas cat story.  For now, enjoy Gerald's story ...

Merry Christmas from Sola!
Pastor Steve King, Director

Monday, December 13, 2010

Activity (Series A3 - Lesson 1): Temple Diorama

Sunday Schoolhouse Activity - Unit A3
Lesson 1: Boy Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:41 - 52)

As part of this lesson the children will make a Temple Diorama:
For this project each child will need an empty large cereal box, a copy of the drawing of Jesus from the Classroom Resource book (p5), brown construction paper, scissor, markers or crayons, and glue. Cut out a large arched entrance from the front of the box. It should be large enough to allow the picture of Jesus to be added inside the box. Cover the outside of the box with brown construction paper and glue it into place. Color in the picture of Jesus. Cut out the drawing of Jesus leaving about 1 inch under his feet. Fold over the extra paper under Jesus' feet and glue that onto the floor of the box in the archway so that Jesus is standing in the temple. Decorate the temple adding lines for stones on the brown construction paper.

The older children could make a more detailed diorama; for example, cut out a domed window and add an outdoor scene by gluing their drawing to the back of the box. They could draw and add people learning from Jesus in the Temple.

ReClaim Catechism now available through Sola!

NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON THE SOLA PUBLISHING WEBSITE — we are pleased to make available this Christmas season:
catechismcoversmall.jpgThe ReClaim Catechism
2010 Edition of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism
Have you been disappointed with recent versions of the catechism and want something in more familiar language from a trustworthy source? 
In cooperation with ReClaim Resources, Sola Publishing is releasing a pocket edition of Luther’s Small Catechism, produced as a joint effort by authors representing Lutheran Core, WordAlone, ReClaim, LCMC, and NALC. The primary translator of this edition is Rev. Scott Grorud, with Rev. Thomas Jacobson, Rev. Natalie Gessert, and Dr. Gracia Grindal as translational consultants.
The catechism is available through the Sola Publishing website as a Single Sample ($3.99), or at a reduced rate as a Pack of 5 ($17.50) or Pack of 25 ($64.95).  For orders of 50 or more, go directly to the ReClaim Resources website at:
This edition of the catechism is being incorporated into the new confirmation series being developed by Sola Publishing, released as a “beta test version” for the 2010-2011 school year.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 7): Tambourine

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A2
Lesson 7: Praise the Lord! (Psalm 150)

As part of this lesson the children will make tambourines:
For this project you will need two heavy paper plates per child, yarn, several hole-punches, scissors, unpopped popcorn or dried beans, markers, decorations such as stickers, sequence, etc. Each child receives two paper plates, depending on age have them write or write for them "Praise the Lord" on the bottom of one of the plates. Then the children can decorate the bottom of both plates with decorations provided. Using the hole-punch take one of the plates and punch holes about every inch around the outsides. Holding the two plates together (bottoms facing out), mark the holes from the first plate onto the second. Punch along the markers on the second plate. Fill one plate with unpopped popcorn or dried beans. Set the second plate on top. Thread the yarn through each of the holes, then tie a knot.  Use different color yarn.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Already Thinking About Lent?

Sola Publishing has just released its first Lenten Drama series, entitled: "Will You Betray Me?" The dramas are meant to be featured as part of a mid-week worship series during the Lenten season.

The theme for the series comes from Jesus’ question to Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night he was arrested.  In our lives of faith as Jesus’ disciples, it is a question that could be asked of each of us as well.  Unlike more simplistic characterizations, these dramas are written in a direct and edgy style, revealing the inner rationalizations and bitterness against Jesus that ultimately led to his death.

Characters include:
 1. Simon, the Upstanding Pharisee
 2. Rachel, the Concerned Mother
 3. Simon, the Innocent Bystander
 4. Dinah, the Forgiven Adulteress
 5. Judas, the Good Disciple

Scripture texts are assigned for each of the dramas, along with notes for actors.  Discussion questions are included with each, to be used as the basis for a sermonic reflection or mini-Bible Study.   Each drama is about 10-12 minutes long.  A suggested order of worship is also provided at the back of the booklet.  Go HERE to order from the main Sola website.

5" x 8.5" Booklet, 40 Pages

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 6): King Xerxes' Scepter

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A2
Lesson 6: Esther's Brave Decision (Esther 4:1-17)

As part of this lesson the children will make King Xerxes' Scepter:
For this project you will need a paper towel roll for each child, yellow construction paper, decorations for the scepter (sequins, fake gems, glitter, etc.), glue and a stapler. The paper towel roll will be the base for the scepters. Wrap a large piece of yellow construction paper around the paper towel roll to give a gold look. Glue the paper onto the paper towel roll. Each child should cut a square of yellow construction paper approximately 3.5"x3.5". Attach one corner of the square with glue and/or stapler on the diagonal to the end of the paper towel roll to give the scepter the appearance of having a big diamond on the end. Decorate the roll and "diamond" with jewels. Glue on fake gems, sequins, glitter, etc. Explain to the children that King Xerxes would reach out his scepter to a person in order to give them permission to speak.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 5): Lion Head

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A2
Lesson 5: Daniel in the Lion's Den (Daniel 6:1 - 28)

As part of this lesson the children will make lion heads:
For this project you will need a paper plate for each child, orange/yellow tissue paper, small pieces of pink tissue paper, six brown or black pipe cleaners per child, masking tape, three buttons per child and markers. The paper plates will be the head of the lion. Glue on the buttons as eyes and a nose. From the bottom of the nose draw two opposing semi-circles to form the jowls. Glue a small piece of pink tissue paper below the nose where the jowls start to make a tongue. Poke the six brown pipe cleaners, three on each side of the lions face, through the plate far enough to tape the ends down on the back of the paper plate. The pipe cleaners may need to be bent somewhat so they do not stick straight out.

Then take the orange/yellow tissue paper and glue small pieces around the face to make the lion's mane. The older children make like to glue their tissue paper as tufts to make a 3D mane (shown left).  It may be easier for young children to simply glue tissue pieces  down flat. Option: lion head can be made into wall hanging by taping yarn in a loop on the back of the lion head.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 4): Mission Field Game

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A2
Lesson 4: Isaiah's Vision of God's Throne (Isaiah 6:1 - 13)

As part of this lesson the children will play the Mission Field Game:
For this game you will need a box, a "Ball Bible" for each child, and room to run. The box represents a foreign country that doesn't allow God's Word to be taught to it's people. The "Ball Bible" (or craft foam "Bible") is God's Word. Two children are Enforcers of the country. The rest start on the opposite side of the room from the box and try to bring their Bibles to the foreign country without being tagged by it's Enforcers. If a child is tagged they must go back to the opposite side of the room, then try again.

*Instead of using balls, have a quick craft making small "Bibles" out of craft foam. Simply write "Holy Bible" on the front and/or add a Isaiah's words, "Lord, I will go! Send me."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunday Schoolhouse Unit A3 Released!

The third installment in the Sunday Schoolhouse series, Year A - Unit 3, is now available.  Subtitled "Stories from Jesus' Life" -- this third book covers Bible stories from the New Testament Gospels.  Like the previous volumes in the series, it contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lessons, pictures, dramas, and worksheets.

Go to the main Sola site HERE to order.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sample Session - Sunday Schoolhouse Series A2

Check Out a Sample Session:
Classroom Resource Book - Year A, Unit 2
(on the Story of David and Goliath)

Here's a sample from the Sunday Schoolhouse booklet A2, with a lesson on the story of David and Goliath.  Each lesson in the Sunday Schoolhouse Classroom Resource book includes four pages: 1) Story Page, 2) Coloring Page, 3) Drama Page, 4) Worksheet Page -- all fully reproducible.

To download the sample pdf, click: HERE.

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 3): Fiery Wagon Wheel

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A2
Lesson 3: Elijah is Taken Up into Heaven (2 Kings 2:1-14)

As part of this lesson the children will make a fiery wagon wheel:
For this project each child will need a standard size blue, brown, orange and red piece of construction paper; scissors, glue, and markers. Have a coffee can available in the class room to trace the outer part of the wagon wheel. The blue construction paper will be the background on which the wheel, flames and prayer will be placed. Take the brown construction paper and outline the coffee can to make a circle. Cut out the circle (save the rest of the brown paper), then cut a circle out of the middle of the brown circle you just cut making a ring about 1" thick. This is the outer part of the wagon wheel. With the left over brown paper cut three strips long enough to crisscross the wheel making spokes. Lay the blue construction paper lengthwise and glue the wheel to the right side of the blue paper. Do not glue down the left side of the wheel, this way the flames can be tucked underneath.

Glue the three brown strips of paper crossing in the middle on the wheel making spokes. Using the red and orange construction paper cut out flames in varying lengths. Glue the flames on the left side of the wheel tucking the ends underneath so that it looks like the flames are coming out of the back of the wheel. Write the corresponding lesson prayer listed on the bottom of page 12 on the top left of the blue paper.

For younger children you may want to pre-cut the rings for the wheel and print out copies of the prayer from page 12.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Using Confirmation Tests

The first unit of Sola's Confirmation Series (on the Apostles' Creed) was released this Fall as a "beta" test curriculum.  About forty congregations are testing it out this year, responding with feed-back.  A second "beta" unit on the Sacraments will be ready for January classes.

I have been distributing by email unit tests and study sheets to those who are trying out the materials.  I thought it might be helpful to say a few words about how I use tests as part of the over-all structure of the Confirmation program.

I tend to approach teaching the Creed as three "sub-units" — with a test following each section/article.  Since I expect students to do memorization, breaking the series into three units means that there is not too much to memorize at once.  For example, I schedule a Fall series on the Creed with 13-14 sessions laid out like this:

Session 1 - Creed (Intro)
Session 2 - Creation
Session 3 - Providence
Session 4 - Stewardship
TEST - First Article

Session 5 - Incarnation
Session 6 - Redemption
Session 7 - Resurrection
TEST - Second Article

Session 8 - Justification
Session 9 - Sanctification
Session 10 - Election
TEST - Third Article

I often have an "Intro to Confirmation" day at the very beginning (in which I describe the ADTRC prayer and the program requirements), but that may not be necessary in every location.  The schedule above allows me to start on Rally Sunday, and go to just before Christmas.  The test nights usually also feature a special "fun" activity/treat: ice cream, pizzas, etc.

The "Study Sheet" is something I hand out the week prior to each test. The students are not allowed to use the study sheets for the test.  These study sheets can also be used by leaders to check answers -- since I have not prepared a separate "answer key."  I usually do a short "family feud"-type review activity the week before the test as well, just prior to handing out the study sheets.

I have posted all the study sheets online on this blogsite (link
HERE).  I also have the actual tests themselves, which will eventually be put into a Leader's Guide for each unit.


Pastor Steve King
Director, Sola Publishing

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 2): Stone Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - A2
Lesson 2: David Fights Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1 - 49)

For this lesson the children will make a stone craft:
For this project you will need heavy cardstock (8x11 or so) for each child, scissors, five small pebbles for each child, craft glue, a small piece of yarn for each child, and markers. Each child will cut a pouch shape from their cardstock. This will represent David's pouch. Then they will glue the bit of string across the top to look like a tie. The children should glue the five pebbles on the pouch and write "The Battle is the Lord's - 1 Samual 17:47." Small children could use "stones" cut from felt and have the verse printed on paper for them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 1): Wheat & Basket

Sunday Schoohouse Series Activity- Unit A2
Lesson 1: Ruth Cares for Naomi (Ruth 1:1-18)

As part of this lesson the children will make wheat and a basket:
For this project you will need yarn, glue, scissors, a piece of brown construction paper for each child and markers. The children will make yarn wheat using several pieces of yarn approximately 5 inches in length. Braid the yarn together leaving the top inch unbraided. Tie a small piece of yarn at the bottom of the braided wheat shaft and at the end of the braid near the top to stop unraveling. Make several pieces of yarn wheat. Cut the constructions paper into a large oval shape and make a slit in the middle lengthwise. This is the basket for the wheat. Under the slit on the basket write, "Lord, help us to be faithful and loyal friends." Then tuck the yarn wheat into the slit. Glue the bottom of the wheat on the back of the basket under the slit and the top of the wheat on the front above the slit. Make crisscross marks on the basket to make it look woven.

For younger children, braid the yarn for them ahead of time or have them cut wheat out of construction paper. They can cut several slits on the top inch of the shaft for the wheat top look.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sola Christmas Program

Sola’s new Sunday School Christmas Program is patterned after the style of a traditional children’s Christmas pageant, centering on the biblical narratives of Jesus’ birth as found in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. The program allows for children to lead in music and scripture readings, but also features participation by the gathered congregation and adult leaders.  The program is intentionally simple and “generic” — allowing for modifications and additions according to local custom, but focusing on the primary function of telling the story of Scripture.

The program in this booklet was created to accompany Year A (blue) materials in Sola Publishing’s Sunday Schoolhouse series, but it may be used as a stand-alone resource for use with children in any congregation. The Year A program is based around five main Scripture lessons, with a familiar Christmas song associated with each lesson.  The program is printed as a 8.5 x 5.5" booklet.

REPRODUCIBLE TOO!   It is recommended that each Sunday School teacher have a copy of the complete booklet.  Purchase of this booklet provides permission to reproduce the internal pages for students in their class — as a script for rehearsals and song sheet for performances.  Go HERE to order.

Activity (Series A1 - Lesson 7): Horn & Walls

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 7: Joshua and the Walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:1 - 21)

As part of this lesson children will make horns and knock down the walls of Jericho:
For this project you will need an empty paper-towel roll for each child, along with things to decorate the horn (markers, glue, scissors, stickers, streamers).  Also needed are building blocks such as cardboard/foam bricks, wooden toy blocks, or blocks from a popular building game. 

Each child should decorate their paper-towel roll horn, and together use the blocks to build a large tower. When everyone is ready, act out the Bible Story by having the children march around the structure seven times.  Then together, have them blow the horns and knock the tower down.  Younger children will like simply knocking things over. Older children might actually play the a brick-stacking game and remove blocks from the tower until it crumbles. If an adult or older child plays a horned instrument, it may be fun to have them play a song for everyone and see how closely the other children can replicate the song with their horns.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Case of the Missing Page 25!

It has come to our attention that some of the Sunday Schoolhouse Classroom Resource Books (A1) went out with a missing page 25 (or an additional page 24, depending on whether you are one of those glass-half-full or glass-half-empty people).

You may download the missing page by clicking HERE.  It is the coloring page picture of Moses and the Golden Calf.

Speaking of "the lost has been found" -- it reminds me of the parable:  “What woman having ten silver coins, if she loses one of them, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? When she has found it, she calls together her friends and neighbors, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the coin that I had lost.’ Just so, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”  (Luke 15:8-10)

The good thing about Jesus is that the lost can be found and that what is wrong can be made right.  Please let me know if you need a new copy of the A1 book.  Write to:

Thanks, Pastor Steve King

Monday, October 11, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 6): The Ten Commandments

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 6: Commandments and the Golden Calf (Exodus 32:1 - 24)

As part of this lesson, have the children make the Ten Commandments:
For this project you will need one large piece of tag board (12x18 or so) or heavy construction paper per student, one paper bag per student, glue, and markers or the Ten Commandments printed out for each child. Have the children cut two tablet shapes out of the paper bags - you may need to trace them for the younger children. Crumple the tablets encouraging the children to smash them really well to make them look old and weathered. Smooth the tablets and glue them onto the tag board (make sure they put the blank side up). Glue on the printed commandments five on each tablet or write the commandments on the tablets with markers.

It may be useful to list the commandments in a language more easily understood for the younger children. The following come from Sola's "Luther's Small Catechism: Children's Version". 1. I am the Lord your God, do not trust in any other Gods. 2. Do not use God's name in any worthless way. 3. Take a day off each week, and set it aside for God. 4. Pay attention to your dad and mom. 5. Do not kill. 6. Be loyal to the person you are married to. 7. Do not steal. 8. Do not lie about other people. 9. Do not wish to have someone else's house. 10. Do not wish to have what belongs to someone else.

Options: The younger children could draw pictures for some of the commandments, such as a picture of their mom or dad to represent honoring their mother and father. The older children could use Roman numerals for the numbering. Also, the class could make one very large set of commandments to hang in the classroom.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Activity (Series A1 - Lesson 5): Parting of the Red Sea

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 5: The Parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1 - 31)

As part of this lesson the children will make Moses parting the Red Sea:
For this lesson each child will need a large piece of brown construction paper, glue, blue tissue paper, 1 pipe cleaner, sea life stickers, markers, scissors, yarn and a copy of the prayer listed in the Classroom Resource Book Year A-Unit 1 for this lesson (page 20).

The children will hold the large piece of brown construction paper horizantally and fold it into thirds. Tear the blue tissue paper and glue it in bunches over the two outside thirds of the paper representing the parting waters of the Red Sea. Glue a copy of the prayer listed in the Resource Book to the middle third at the bottom of the paper. Using markers the children can draw a picture of Moses in the middle of the paper above the prayer. The pipe cleaner will be glued onto the paper as if Moses were holding it as his staff. The yarn can be cut in small pieces and glued onto Moses face as his beard. Add sea life stickers for further decoration. [Option: Give the children scrap fabric so they can make a robe for Moses.]

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Activity (Series A1 - Lesson 4): Postive/Negative Art

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - UnitA 1
Lesson 4: Joseph and the Dreams in Prison (Genesis 40:1 - 23)

As part of this lesson the children will make positive/negative art:
For this project you will need two different colors of construction paper for each student, scissors, glue and a printed paraphrased version of Jeremiah 29:11-12 printed for each student. The paraphrase could be written, "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, for your welfare and a future of hope. I will hear you when you pray to me." This verse from the prophet also summarizes the experience of Joseph in this week's lesson. Joseph faced many positive and negative events in his life, but God had a plan for him all along. His future was hopeful even when Joseph could not see it and God answered his prayers.

Each child will choose two pieces of construction paper of two different colors. One piece will be the background. With the other piece the children should fold the paper in half and cut a free hand design out of the folded edge. They will now have positive and negative paper of their design. For both the "positive" design and the "negative" cut out left-over the children will cut the design down the middle. Glue the left half of the cut out "positive" design to the left side of the background construction paper. Glue the right half of the left-over "negative" design to the right side of the background construction paper (as shown to the right). The younger children can glue the verse on the paper; while the older children could write the verse themselves weaving it in and around their design.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 3): "Who are You?" Mask

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 3: Jacob Tricks His Father Isaac (Genesis 27:1-45)

As part of this lesson, have the children make a mask to hide their identity:
For this project you will need heavy construction paper of varied colors, paint sticks/large tongue depressors, masking tape, scissors, markers, glue and anything on hand the kids could use to add 3D decorations to their masks; such as foam stickers, fabric, yarn, etc. Each child should choose a piece of colored construction paper and cut it in any shape large enough to cover their faces, oval, triangle - let the children use their imagination. Hold the paper in front of the each child's face to locate the approximate area the eye holes should be cut out of the mask. Younger children may need help cutting the eye holes. Let the children use various items to decorate their masks. Yarn could make hair or eyebrows, fabric could cover the whole face - the possibilities are endless. Tape a
paint stick/large tongue depressor to the back side of the construction paper mask with several inches of the stick sticking out from the bottom of the mask so the children can hold it in front of their faces.

Craft tip:
It is often helpful to make an example of the day's given craft before class. This will familiarize the teacher with the process and give the children a visual example of what they are trying to make.

Website Transition

This week, Sola Publishing is shifting to a brand new website with an online shopping cart and product display.  In the next few days, some of you may experience a temporary difficultly in accessing the main Sola website (  Our old site can still be accessed at:

Please use our telephone ordering system, by leaving a message on our Toll Free Number:  1-888-887-9840.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 2): Babbling Graham Cracker Tower

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 2: "The Tower of Babel" (Genesis 11:1-9)

As part of this lesson, have the children make a Graham Cracker Tower:
For this project the class will need frosting, graham crackers, pretzel sticks, plastic knives for spreading the frosting and paper plates. Break the children into teams of two. One team member keeps possession of the graham crackers and pretzel sticks; the other member keeps the frosting, knife and plate. Each child must think of a new name for the items they have in their possession and keep that name a secret from their partner. For example, the frosting may be renamed "cheetah". In order for their teammate to use the frosting it needs to be requested by its new name, cheetah. The children must ask one another, not grab or pantomime, for the items needed to complete the task of building a graham cracker tower. It just may be impossible because the children will not know the names of the materials they need to will all sound like babel.

Here is a "beginning of the year" tip:
Begin the morning with sharing highs and lows. The children are given the opportunity to share a high point and low point from their week/weekend.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Stewardship Page Added!

For congregations planning a Fall Stewardship emphasis, we here at Sola Publishing are providing free downloadable materials on our “Table Talk” blogsite ( Picking up on language from Luther’s Small Catechism, the materials are built around the theme: “Thank, Praise, Serve, Obey” as a way of talking about our response as faithful stewards to God’s gracious gifts.

Click on the "Stewardship" tab above, or go directly to the Stewardship Page HERE for free downloads:

a) Color Theme Poster (like the one right)
b) Bulletin Insert-Devotional
c) Children’s Story Page
d) Giving Plan Card
e) Sample: Time and Abilities Sheet
f) Black and White Logo
g) Full Color Logo

Permission is granted to reproduce these materials for local congregational use.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 1): Apple Mosaic

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 1: "Adam and Eve's Temptation" (Genesis 3:1-21)

As part of this lesson, have the children make an Apple Mosaic:
Draw, print-out and cut the shape of an apple out of card stock, roughly 7 inches in diameter. Provide each child markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, a small copy of the prayer listed in the classroom resource book, along with red, green, and yellow tissue paper squares. Have the children trace the apple template on their piece of construction paper and cut it out. Then, glue various pieces of tissue paper squares over the entire apple. Finally, glue the small copy of the day's prayer in the center of the apple.   [Alternatives: Pre-cut the apples for the younger children. Let older children write the prayers in the center of the apple and bunch up the tissue paper before gluing them making the mosaic 3D; or, decorate both sides and add a string to the top so it can be hung.]

Here's a "beginning of the year" tip:

Start your morning with circle greetings; for example, the ball toss greeting. Everyone stands in a circle, one person gently tosses a ball to someone and says, "Good morning ________ " (naming that person).  That person returns the greeting and tosses to someone who has not yet been tossed the ball.  This will help the children learn one another's names and is a nice way to start the class.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Unit Coming Soon!

Last month, the program Leader's Manual and the first Classroom Resource Book in Sola Publishing's Sunday Schoolhouse series was released.  The first installment in the series was designated: Year A - Unit 1, "Stories from the Beginning").

The next Classroom Resource Book (Year A - Unit 2, "Stories of Prophets and Kings") will be coming out by the end of September.  Since both of these reproducible books contain seven sessions each, the two units on the Old Testament will cover Sunday School classes from Rally Sunday to Christmas.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Feedback Page: Luther's Small Cat Series

Please use this page to provide feedback on Luther's Small Cat Series - a graded supplementary curriculum based on Martin Luther's Small Catechism.  You are welcome to provide encouragement, constructive criticism, recommendations, or suggestions.

Feedback Page: Versatile Budget Series VBS

Please use this page to provide feedback on Sola's Versatile Budget Series - a reproducible Bible character-based curriculum for Vacation Bible School and Sunday School.  You are welcome to provide encouragement, constructive criticism, recommendations, or suggestions.

Feedback Page: Sola Confirmation Series

Please use this page to provide feedback on the Sola Confirmation Series — available for the 2010-2011 school year on a limited basis, as a "beta test" version.  You are welcome to provide encouragement, constructive criticism, recommendations, or suggestions.

Feedback Page: Sunday Schoolhouse Series

Please use this page to provide feedback on Sola's Sunday Schoolhouse series — a simple reproducible Sunday School series that focuses on the teaching of Bible stories.  You are welcome to provide encouragement, constructive criticism, recommendations, or suggestions.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Report from the L-CORE/NALC Gathering

My apologies for the delay in responding to the many emails that were sent to me in the last week expressing interest in Sola’s new Sunday Schoolhouse and Confirmation series.  I just returned from the Lutheran CORE theological conference and convocation in Columbus, OH.  I will follow-up with all messages as soon as I can.

I want to express thanks to all those who introduced themselves to me at the Lutheran CORE gathering, and for the great reception Sola Publishing received from attendees. It is an honor to serve as the primary publishing resource provider to Lutheran Core and the larger confessional movement, including folks in: WordAlone, LCMC, and now, NALC.  It is great to be a part of this exciting new adventure in faith.

At Sola, we have been working at an incredible pace to provide the basic education materials needed by congregations for the coming year. I appreciate all the good words of support from those who have been using Sola materials.  This September, Sola will be moving forward in a number of ways, with a new online ordering website, expansion to include additional resources from contributing authors, and moving the operations of Sola to Maple Lake, Minnesota, to enhance customer service and distribution.

If you or your congregation would like to assist us in taking this step forward, we would be grateful to have you consider direct contributions or inclusion in your congregation’s budget.  Please contact me at or write to Sola Publishing at PO Box 521, Maple Lake, MN 55358.

As we move into the new future of Lutheranism in North America and worldwide, we are proud to be a partner with you in this ministry together!

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Steve King
Director, Sola Publishing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sola Confirmation Series

The first installment in the Sola Confirmation Series is a ten session series on the Apostles' Creed.  The initial draft has been completed, and is undergoing preparations for release in the beginning of September.

The materials are being designed with the needs of small congregations in mind.  The "workbook style" approach provides a four pages for each session, including: an opening worship dialog, ice-breaker activity,  Scripture readings, catechism practice, object lessons, small group Bible study, memory symbols, and student prayers.  The series could be easily led by a pastor or lay leader with little advance preparation, or it could serve as a in-class handout or homework sheet for an established program.  The curriculum is also well-suited to home-school or independent study.

The series is being made available beginning this Fall, not for sale, but as a curriculum in development.  We already have about three dozen congregations that will be trying out the curriculum as a "beta test" version this year.  Comments and feedback will be posted on this blogsite.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday Schoolhouse Books Now Available

The Leader's Manual and the first Classroom Resource Book for Sola's new Sunday Schoolhouse series are now available for order.  Call the WordAlone office at: 1-888-551-7254 (toll free) or 651-633-6004 (MN local).

The Leader's Manual
(Product Code: S-0100, $7.99)
Aimed at Sunday School teachers, helpers, and coordinators, this book provides an overview of the whole Sunday Schoolhouse series. In addition to laying out the structure of a Sunday School program for pastors, coordinators and superintendents, it contains basic information for teachers and helpers on using the curricula, conducting class sessions, and creating a disciplined teaching environment. It also includes a number of ideas on incorporating into the classroom, including: story-telling, drama, memory work, and creative activities. (The same Leader’s Manual can be used for all three years of the curriculum cycle.)  Click HERE to check out some sample pages from the Leader's Manual.

The Classroom Resource Book
Year A, Unit 1, Old Testament
(Product Code: S-A120, $9.99)
This book contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lesson, pictures, drama, and worksheets.  This first unit covers stories from the first half of the Old Testament, from Genesis through Joshua.  Click HERE to check out some sample pages from the Classroom Resource Book.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunday Schoolhouse Leader's Manual

Right on schedule, the Leader's Manual for Sola's Sunday Schoolhouse curriculum is being finished for release in August.

This central booklet — aimed at Sunday School teachers, helpers, and coordinators — provides an overview of the whole Sunday Schoolhouse series. In addition to laying out the structure of a Sunday School program for pastors, coordinators and superintendents, it contains basic information for teachers and helpers on using the curricula, conducting class sessions, and creating a disciplined teaching environment. It also includes a number of ideas on incorporating into the classroom, including: story-telling, drama, memory work, and creative activities. The same Leader’s Manual can be used for all three years of the curriculum cycle.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New “Sunday Schoolhouse” Series

With all the changes taking place in the larger church, people have been looking for options in education materials. Since Sola Publishing exists to serve the specific needs of LCMC, WordAlone, Lutheran CORE, and NALC – I’ve been asked to put a priority on producing a basic Sunday School series for churches to begin using this Fall.
What I’ve come up with is something a little different from other things available on the market. Sola’s new Sunday Schoolhouse series is a flexible curriculum focusing on the priority of God’s Word.  I am taking an “old school” approach with emphasis less on “activities” and more on teaching Bible stories.  Multiple presentations of the story are built in to each lesson, including: story, rhyme, and drama.

Since more elaborate programs are available through other publishers, I’ve designed this series with the particular needs of small churches, mission congregations, and house churches in mind.  The “all-in-one” reproducible style allows for children of varying ages and grade levels to meet together in a flexible manner, suitable to local needs.

For a bi-fold 11"x17" flier (pdf) describing the new Sunday Schoolhouse series, click HERE

The series as a whole will be based on a three-year cycle, with a full Bible overview each year.  Years A-B-C will each have four units of seven sessions each (two OT and two NT).  Beginning this Fall, our first Classroom Resource Book will be available for Year A - Unit 1 (best provided as one book per teacher/class), with other books for 2010-2011 coming in the months ahead.  There will also be a Leader’s Manual ready this Fall, describing the whole series cycle and providing information for superintendents, teachers, and helpers.

Pastor Steven King
Director, Sola Publishing
Maple Lake, MN

PS.  Sola Publishing already has available a few general reproducible VBS/Sunday School booklets, one nursery-aged booklet, and a graded (1-6) 5-week supplementary series curriculum on Luther’s Catechism.  Go to: to see our current catalog.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Information and Feedback Site

Welcome to the new blogsite for information and feedback on Sola Publishing educational materials.  This site,  called "Sola Publishing - Table Talks" will share information on current educational materials available through Sola, as well as new materials in development.  Come back again; much more will be coming soon — including a new Bible Story-based Sunday School Curriculum series, as well as the first in installment in Sola's new Confirmation Series (on the Apostles' Creed), both coming this Fall.

In the meantime, if you are looking for solid biblical Lutheran educational materials — whether it be for established or new mission congregations — please check out the Sola Website at:

Pastor Steven King
Director, Sola Publishing