Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Activity B1 - Lesson 2: Sin is at the Door Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B1
Lesson 2: Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-16)

Sin is at the Door Craft - Materials Needed:

• white and black construction paper<
• photocopy of door pattern (thick paper)
• scissors, glue, crayons, markers

In the middle of the white paper trace an old looking door. Cut out three sides of the door so that it will stay connected to the paper on the “hinge” side. Glue the black paper to the back of the white paper so that when the door opens you can see the black paper. Using a white crayon write the word “Sin” inside the door. Outline the door frame using yarn and use straight vertical pieces of yarn on the door to make it look like it is made of wood planks. Color the door to make it look like wood grain. 
For a reproducible door pattern, go HERE

On the rest of the white paper help the kids brainstorm different ways to cool off when people get angry; ideas that would help us not to open the door to sin, but keep it closed i.e. reading a book, exercising, talking to a friend. Younger children can draw pictures around the door representing these ideas, while older children can write their ideas in a little more detail around the door.

Circle Greeting Activity:
Start your morning with circle greetings; for example, the shoe greeting. Everyone stands in a circle, each child puts one of their shoes inside the circle. Take turns grabbing a shoe and saying, "Good morning (naming that person)". The child returns the greeting and grabs a shoe until all the shoes are chosen and everyone has given and received a greeting.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Activity B1 - Lesson 1: Class Animal

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B1
Lesson 1: Creation of Humans and Animals (Genesis 2:4 - 25)

Create a Class Animal — Materials Needed:
• sheet of paper, scissors, glue, tape
• decorative craft supplies: fabric, yarn, imitation fur, googlie eyes, colored pipe cleaners, etc.

God made all the animals, some of them quite strange. Think of what God did with the platypus and see what the class can create. Have students contribute one of the animal’s attributes to create a whole new animal.
a. Body: hairy, scaled, feathered, etc.
b. Legs & Feet: hooves, claws, toes, webs, etc.
c. Arms & Hands: fingers, wings, claws, pincers, etc.
d. Face: nose, teeth, beak, trunk, snout, ears, etc.
e. Head: horns, antenna, mane, hair, etc.
After making a list, have each student make one part of the animal out of marker drawings, fabric, etc. Just like Adam named the animals, have the class come up with a name for their new animal. (Option: Instead of just one animal for the whole class, have each child may make their own animal. Encourage them to take their time and be very creative.)

God's World Cookies:
Start the new Sunday school year with a treat. For the cookie craft you will need plain sugar cookies - 1 for each child, green and blue frosting, several plastic knives and spoons, small paper plates, and animal crackers. Each child will decorate their cookies like Earth with blue water and green land; then place an animal cracker on the cookie.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Stewardship Materials for 2011

That we may Sow & Reap in the Word ...

For congregations planning a Fall Stewardship emphasis, Sola Publishing is providing free downloadable materials on our Sola website.  The theme for this year's Stewardship Emphasis comes from Jesus' words to his disciples in John 4, where he speaks of our calling to "sow and reap" by serving his mission in proclaiming God's Word in our daily lives.

Look on the Sola website under the tab menu "Free Sola Resources" or go directly to the Stewardship Page HERE for these downloads:

a) Color Theme Poster (like the one right)
b) Bulletin Insert-Devotional
c) Giving Plan Card
d) Sample: Time and Abilities Sheet
e) Children’s Story Page
f) Children's Stewardship Plan
g) Black and White Logo
h) Full Color Logo

Permission is granted to reproduce these materials for local congregational use.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ten Commandments Book - Now Available!

Ten Commandment Workbook
is now available!

This ten session book spends one session on each Commandment, based around several Scripture texts from Old and New Testaments, with: examples, object lessons, in class questions, catechism, and prayer.  The Scripture focus for the series is on Moses and the Exodus, with lessons in the Bible study section primarily from the Pentateuch.

Click the link HERE to order from the main Sola website.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Confirmation Series Overview

For a single-sheet overview of the lessons and topics in the four core workbooks of the Sola Confirmation Series, download a free pdf HERE.  The session titles and portion of the catechism covered are listed, along with the Scriptural focus for each book