Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Activity B1 - Lesson 1: Class Animal

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B1
Lesson 1: Creation of Humans and Animals (Genesis 2:4 - 25)

Create a Class Animal — Materials Needed:
• sheet of paper, scissors, glue, tape
• decorative craft supplies: fabric, yarn, imitation fur, googlie eyes, colored pipe cleaners, etc.

God made all the animals, some of them quite strange. Think of what God did with the platypus and see what the class can create. Have students contribute one of the animal’s attributes to create a whole new animal.
a. Body: hairy, scaled, feathered, etc.
b. Legs & Feet: hooves, claws, toes, webs, etc.
c. Arms & Hands: fingers, wings, claws, pincers, etc.
d. Face: nose, teeth, beak, trunk, snout, ears, etc.
e. Head: horns, antenna, mane, hair, etc.
After making a list, have each student make one part of the animal out of marker drawings, fabric, etc. Just like Adam named the animals, have the class come up with a name for their new animal. (Option: Instead of just one animal for the whole class, have each child may make their own animal. Encourage them to take their time and be very creative.)

God's World Cookies:
Start the new Sunday school year with a treat. For the cookie craft you will need plain sugar cookies - 1 for each child, green and blue frosting, several plastic knives and spoons, small paper plates, and animal crackers. Each child will decorate their cookies like Earth with blue water and green land; then place an animal cracker on the cookie.

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