Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Activity B3 - Lesson 5: Grow a Garden

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B3
Lesson 5: Judas Betrays Jesus in the Garden (John 18:1 - 14)

Grow a Garden - Materials Needed:
- plastic cup for each child
- flower/plant seeds
- potting soil
- puff paint and stick on gems

Using the puff paint draw plant stems and leaves growing up the side of the cup, stop a couple of inches from the top of the cup. Place stick-on plastic gems a little ways above the stem, then draw petals around the gem to the top of the stem to make flowers. Use other colors to create patterns inside the petals, such as stripes or dots. The children could also add bees, butterflies, or grass. Then have each child fill their cup 3/4 full of potting soil and plant the seeds according to the directions.
For younger children cut out construction paper flowers/insects and let them glue the pieces to the cup.

Activity - Answer with a Question:
Play this trivia game like the popular television game show. You provide the answer from today's lesson and the children ask the question. For example, the answer is "Kidron Valley"; the question is, "What did Jesus cross to get to the garden?"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a Blessed Christmas!

"I bring you good tidings of great joy!  For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord!"
From Sola Publishing and WordAlone Ministries, we wish you a blessed Christmas! May God strengthen you in the the promise of the Savior born for you, and give you the peace which the world cannot give.

Here at Sola, we will be doing our year-end inventory along with making a financial system upgrade to better serve our customers. Orders that come in on or after December 28, 2011, will not be shipped until January 2, 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Activity B3 - Lesson 4: Lazarus Race

Sunday Schoolhouse Series - Red Unit B3
Lesson 4: Lazarus is Raised from the Dead (John 11:17 - 44)

Play Lazarus Race - Materials Needed:
- roll of toilet paper for each team racing

Each team gets a roll of toilet paper and picks someone to be Lazarus. On "go" the teams use their entire roll of toilet paper to wrap Lazarus. Wrap the arms and torso separately, avoid the head entirely, and wrap the legs together (but not too tight). When the toilet paper is used up, the rest of the team races to the opposite end of the room and yells, "Lazarus, come out!" The wrapped team member tries to meet their team on the other end of the room without breaking the toilet paper wrapped around their legs. First Lazarus across the room wins. You may want additional rolls of toilet paper so the children can pick a new Lazarus and play again. Using a hallway would provide a longer race route.

Bible Story Trivia:
Simple questions from the story can be asked to see if the students picked up on the details about names, places, objects, and events. For younger children these may be phrased in the form of "yes" or "no" questions.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sola Confirmation Series: Lord's Prayer

We've just finished up the final book in the Sola Confirmation Series on the Lord's Prayer!  That means: all four core books in the series are now available — Ten Commandments, Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, and Sacraments. All are ten sessions each, and written in an easy to use workbook format.  Go HERE to order.

The Lord's Prayer book includes one session on the Introduction, each of the Petitions, the Conclusion, and a session on Daily Prayer. The Scripture focus for series is on the Parables of Jesus, with Bible Study lessons taken from the Gospels.

Session 1: Prayer
Session 2: Name
Session 3: Kingdom
Session 4: Will
Session 5: Dependence
Session 6: Tresspasses
Session 7: Temptation
Session 8: Deliverance
Session 9: Doxology
Session 10: Devotion

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Activity B3 - Lesson 3: Build a Good Samaritan

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B3
Lesson 3: Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

Create a Good Samaritan - Materials Needed:
- clean recycling of all types (milk jugs, toilet paper tubes, old spoons, plastic piping, etc.)
- scissor, duct tape and craft glue
- googlie eyes, construction paper, markers, yarn

For this project the children will build a good Samaritan. Do this as a class or individually. Lay all the recycling and craft items out and have the children use their imagination to create a good Samaritan with what is on hand. You may want to make a sample ahead of time as an example; for instance, milk jug for a body, toilet paper roll legs, wood mixing spoon head with a face drawn on and yarn hair. Encourage creativity.

Use the creations as the actors in the drama provided in the Sunday Schoolhouse Activity book.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Activity B3 - Lesson 2: 3D Maze

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B3
Lesson 2: Mary Listens to Jesus (Luke 10:38 - 41)

Create a 3D Maze - Materials Needed
- empty cereal box for each child
- scissors, tape, glue, and markers

- marble or ping pong ball for each child
- various obstacles:

  cotton balls, corks, toilet paper tubes, etc.

Like the story, the kids will need to make it through the maze of everyday things that distract and keep us from Jesus in order to make it to the goal which is being with Jesus. Have the children cut out the front cover of the cereal box, leaving the sides and back in tact - it may help to reinforce the corners with tape. Save the cover. Mark one corner of the box "Start", then mark a different corner "Jesus". The object is to build a 3D maze which would allow the children to tilt the box in order to get the ball from "start" to Jesus". Use the cover to cut walls and tape them in the box upright. Then add pieces of toilet paper tubes for tunnels, corks/cotton balls, etc. for obstacles to maneuver around. Smaller children will find it easier to have mazes with large obstacles and to use ping pong balls. Older children can make their mazes more elaborate and use marbles to try to make their way to Jesus.

Touch and Run Memory Verse Activity:
Print the memory verse on cards or heavy paper, using one or just a few words on each card. Place the cards at various places around the room. Show the students the location and order of the cards. One at a time, have each child run and touch each card saying the words as he/she goes. See who can run the course in the least time.