Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hiding the Alleluias for Lent

Our Lutheran tradition has an interesting liturgical mystery within it surrounding the word "Alleluia." Alleluia is an acclamation of praise to the God who has saved us from sin, death, our enemies and the devil. We shout it with fervor to demonstrate our passion for the One who loves us into a new reality. Every year before Lent begins we put the alleluias away. . . we don't sing them on purpose. We remove them from the liturgy so that when Easter comes we can shout them once more in praise and thanksgiving.

Over the years in the parish I serve I have done this "hiding" in many different ways. I have painted purple ribbons with the word on it and put them in an airtight box and we have marched outside (the kids and I) during children's time and put that box under a bush for safekeeping until Easter morning. I have decorated butterflies with the word on it and put them in a handmade wooden box on the altar and when Easter came they came flying out of the box and up on the chancel wall for all to see.  This year we have written prayers on cards that say "Alleluia" and they will stay on the altar until Easter, our prayers lying dormant until the resurrection. God knows exactly what we need and he knows precisely what is on each of those prayer cards.

How will you hide the Alleluia this year, if you choose to do so?

Blessings as we draw nearer to the beginning of our Lenten journey.

In Christ,

Pastor Amy Little