Thursday, September 30, 2010

Activity (Series A1 - Lesson 4): Postive/Negative Art

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - UnitA 1
Lesson 4: Joseph and the Dreams in Prison (Genesis 40:1 - 23)

As part of this lesson the children will make positive/negative art:
For this project you will need two different colors of construction paper for each student, scissors, glue and a printed paraphrased version of Jeremiah 29:11-12 printed for each student. The paraphrase could be written, "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, for your welfare and a future of hope. I will hear you when you pray to me." This verse from the prophet also summarizes the experience of Joseph in this week's lesson. Joseph faced many positive and negative events in his life, but God had a plan for him all along. His future was hopeful even when Joseph could not see it and God answered his prayers.

Each child will choose two pieces of construction paper of two different colors. One piece will be the background. With the other piece the children should fold the paper in half and cut a free hand design out of the folded edge. They will now have positive and negative paper of their design. For both the "positive" design and the "negative" cut out left-over the children will cut the design down the middle. Glue the left half of the cut out "positive" design to the left side of the background construction paper. Glue the right half of the left-over "negative" design to the right side of the background construction paper (as shown to the right). The younger children can glue the verse on the paper; while the older children could write the verse themselves weaving it in and around their design.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 3): "Who are You?" Mask

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 3: Jacob Tricks His Father Isaac (Genesis 27:1-45)

As part of this lesson, have the children make a mask to hide their identity:
For this project you will need heavy construction paper of varied colors, paint sticks/large tongue depressors, masking tape, scissors, markers, glue and anything on hand the kids could use to add 3D decorations to their masks; such as foam stickers, fabric, yarn, etc. Each child should choose a piece of colored construction paper and cut it in any shape large enough to cover their faces, oval, triangle - let the children use their imagination. Hold the paper in front of the each child's face to locate the approximate area the eye holes should be cut out of the mask. Younger children may need help cutting the eye holes. Let the children use various items to decorate their masks. Yarn could make hair or eyebrows, fabric could cover the whole face - the possibilities are endless. Tape a
paint stick/large tongue depressor to the back side of the construction paper mask with several inches of the stick sticking out from the bottom of the mask so the children can hold it in front of their faces.

Craft tip:
It is often helpful to make an example of the day's given craft before class. This will familiarize the teacher with the process and give the children a visual example of what they are trying to make.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 2): Babbling Graham Cracker Tower

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 2: "The Tower of Babel" (Genesis 11:1-9)

As part of this lesson, have the children make a Graham Cracker Tower:
For this project the class will need frosting, graham crackers, pretzel sticks, plastic knives for spreading the frosting and paper plates. Break the children into teams of two. One team member keeps possession of the graham crackers and pretzel sticks; the other member keeps the frosting, knife and plate. Each child must think of a new name for the items they have in their possession and keep that name a secret from their partner. For example, the frosting may be renamed "cheetah". In order for their teammate to use the frosting it needs to be requested by its new name, cheetah. The children must ask one another, not grab or pantomime, for the items needed to complete the task of building a graham cracker tower. It just may be impossible because the children will not know the names of the materials they need to will all sound like babel.

Here is a "beginning of the year" tip:
Begin the morning with sharing highs and lows. The children are given the opportunity to share a high point and low point from their week/weekend.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Stewardship Page Added!

For congregations planning a Fall Stewardship emphasis, we here at Sola Publishing are providing free downloadable materials on our “Table Talk” blogsite ( Picking up on language from Luther’s Small Catechism, the materials are built around the theme: “Thank, Praise, Serve, Obey” as a way of talking about our response as faithful stewards to God’s gracious gifts.

Click on the "Stewardship" tab above, or go directly to the Stewardship Page HERE for free downloads:

a) Color Theme Poster (like the one right)
b) Bulletin Insert-Devotional
c) Children’s Story Page
d) Giving Plan Card
e) Sample: Time and Abilities Sheet
f) Black and White Logo
g) Full Color Logo

Permission is granted to reproduce these materials for local congregational use.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 1): Apple Mosaic

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 1: "Adam and Eve's Temptation" (Genesis 3:1-21)

As part of this lesson, have the children make an Apple Mosaic:
Draw, print-out and cut the shape of an apple out of card stock, roughly 7 inches in diameter. Provide each child markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, a small copy of the prayer listed in the classroom resource book, along with red, green, and yellow tissue paper squares. Have the children trace the apple template on their piece of construction paper and cut it out. Then, glue various pieces of tissue paper squares over the entire apple. Finally, glue the small copy of the day's prayer in the center of the apple.   [Alternatives: Pre-cut the apples for the younger children. Let older children write the prayers in the center of the apple and bunch up the tissue paper before gluing them making the mosaic 3D; or, decorate both sides and add a string to the top so it can be hung.]

Here's a "beginning of the year" tip:

Start your morning with circle greetings; for example, the ball toss greeting. Everyone stands in a circle, one person gently tosses a ball to someone and says, "Good morning ________ " (naming that person).  That person returns the greeting and tosses to someone who has not yet been tossed the ball.  This will help the children learn one another's names and is a nice way to start the class.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Unit Coming Soon!

Last month, the program Leader's Manual and the first Classroom Resource Book in Sola Publishing's Sunday Schoolhouse series was released.  The first installment in the series was designated: Year A - Unit 1, "Stories from the Beginning").

The next Classroom Resource Book (Year A - Unit 2, "Stories of Prophets and Kings") will be coming out by the end of September.  Since both of these reproducible books contain seven sessions each, the two units on the Old Testament will cover Sunday School classes from Rally Sunday to Christmas.