Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 3): "Who are You?" Mask

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 3: Jacob Tricks His Father Isaac (Genesis 27:1-45)

As part of this lesson, have the children make a mask to hide their identity:
For this project you will need heavy construction paper of varied colors, paint sticks/large tongue depressors, masking tape, scissors, markers, glue and anything on hand the kids could use to add 3D decorations to their masks; such as foam stickers, fabric, yarn, etc. Each child should choose a piece of colored construction paper and cut it in any shape large enough to cover their faces, oval, triangle - let the children use their imagination. Hold the paper in front of the each child's face to locate the approximate area the eye holes should be cut out of the mask. Younger children may need help cutting the eye holes. Let the children use various items to decorate their masks. Yarn could make hair or eyebrows, fabric could cover the whole face - the possibilities are endless. Tape a
paint stick/large tongue depressor to the back side of the construction paper mask with several inches of the stick sticking out from the bottom of the mask so the children can hold it in front of their faces.

Craft tip:
It is often helpful to make an example of the day's given craft before class. This will familiarize the teacher with the process and give the children a visual example of what they are trying to make.

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