Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sola Confirmation Series: Lord's Prayer

We've just finished up the final book in the Sola Confirmation Series on the Lord's Prayer!  That means: all four core books in the series are now available — Ten Commandments, Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, and Sacraments. All are ten sessions each, and written in an easy to use workbook format.  Go HERE to order.

The Lord's Prayer book includes one session on the Introduction, each of the Petitions, the Conclusion, and a session on Daily Prayer. The Scripture focus for series is on the Parables of Jesus, with Bible Study lessons taken from the Gospels.

Session 1: Prayer
Session 2: Name
Session 3: Kingdom
Session 4: Will
Session 5: Dependence
Session 6: Tresspasses
Session 7: Temptation
Session 8: Deliverance
Session 9: Doxology
Session 10: Devotion

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