Thursday, November 4, 2010

Using Confirmation Tests

The first unit of Sola's Confirmation Series (on the Apostles' Creed) was released this Fall as a "beta" test curriculum.  About forty congregations are testing it out this year, responding with feed-back.  A second "beta" unit on the Sacraments will be ready for January classes.

I have been distributing by email unit tests and study sheets to those who are trying out the materials.  I thought it might be helpful to say a few words about how I use tests as part of the over-all structure of the Confirmation program.

I tend to approach teaching the Creed as three "sub-units" — with a test following each section/article.  Since I expect students to do memorization, breaking the series into three units means that there is not too much to memorize at once.  For example, I schedule a Fall series on the Creed with 13-14 sessions laid out like this:

Session 1 - Creed (Intro)
Session 2 - Creation
Session 3 - Providence
Session 4 - Stewardship
TEST - First Article

Session 5 - Incarnation
Session 6 - Redemption
Session 7 - Resurrection
TEST - Second Article

Session 8 - Justification
Session 9 - Sanctification
Session 10 - Election
TEST - Third Article

I often have an "Intro to Confirmation" day at the very beginning (in which I describe the ADTRC prayer and the program requirements), but that may not be necessary in every location.  The schedule above allows me to start on Rally Sunday, and go to just before Christmas.  The test nights usually also feature a special "fun" activity/treat: ice cream, pizzas, etc.

The "Study Sheet" is something I hand out the week prior to each test. The students are not allowed to use the study sheets for the test.  These study sheets can also be used by leaders to check answers -- since I have not prepared a separate "answer key."  I usually do a short "family feud"-type review activity the week before the test as well, just prior to handing out the study sheets.

I have posted all the study sheets online on this blogsite (link
HERE).  I also have the actual tests themselves, which will eventually be put into a Leader's Guide for each unit.


Pastor Steve King
Director, Sola Publishing

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