Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 6): King Xerxes' Scepter

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A2
Lesson 6: Esther's Brave Decision (Esther 4:1-17)

As part of this lesson the children will make King Xerxes' Scepter:
For this project you will need a paper towel roll for each child, yellow construction paper, decorations for the scepter (sequins, fake gems, glitter, etc.), glue and a stapler. The paper towel roll will be the base for the scepters. Wrap a large piece of yellow construction paper around the paper towel roll to give a gold look. Glue the paper onto the paper towel roll. Each child should cut a square of yellow construction paper approximately 3.5"x3.5". Attach one corner of the square with glue and/or stapler on the diagonal to the end of the paper towel roll to give the scepter the appearance of having a big diamond on the end. Decorate the roll and "diamond" with jewels. Glue on fake gems, sequins, glitter, etc. Explain to the children that King Xerxes would reach out his scepter to a person in order to give them permission to speak.

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