Saturday, December 4, 2010

Already Thinking About Lent?

Sola Publishing has just released its first Lenten Drama series, entitled: "Will You Betray Me?" The dramas are meant to be featured as part of a mid-week worship series during the Lenten season.

The theme for the series comes from Jesus’ question to Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night he was arrested.  In our lives of faith as Jesus’ disciples, it is a question that could be asked of each of us as well.  Unlike more simplistic characterizations, these dramas are written in a direct and edgy style, revealing the inner rationalizations and bitterness against Jesus that ultimately led to his death.

Characters include:
 1. Simon, the Upstanding Pharisee
 2. Rachel, the Concerned Mother
 3. Simon, the Innocent Bystander
 4. Dinah, the Forgiven Adulteress
 5. Judas, the Good Disciple

Scripture texts are assigned for each of the dramas, along with notes for actors.  Discussion questions are included with each, to be used as the basis for a sermonic reflection or mini-Bible Study.   Each drama is about 10-12 minutes long.  A suggested order of worship is also provided at the back of the booklet.  Go HERE to order from the main Sola website.

5" x 8.5" Booklet, 40 Pages

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