Monday, October 18, 2010

Activity (Series A1 - Lesson 7): Horn & Walls

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 7: Joshua and the Walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:1 - 21)

As part of this lesson children will make horns and knock down the walls of Jericho:
For this project you will need an empty paper-towel roll for each child, along with things to decorate the horn (markers, glue, scissors, stickers, streamers).  Also needed are building blocks such as cardboard/foam bricks, wooden toy blocks, or blocks from a popular building game. 

Each child should decorate their paper-towel roll horn, and together use the blocks to build a large tower. When everyone is ready, act out the Bible Story by having the children march around the structure seven times.  Then together, have them blow the horns and knock the tower down.  Younger children will like simply knocking things over. Older children might actually play the a brick-stacking game and remove blocks from the tower until it crumbles. If an adult or older child plays a horned instrument, it may be fun to have them play a song for everyone and see how closely the other children can replicate the song with their horns.

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