Monday, October 11, 2010

Activity (Series A1-Lesson 6): The Ten Commandments

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Unit A1
Lesson 6: Commandments and the Golden Calf (Exodus 32:1 - 24)

As part of this lesson, have the children make the Ten Commandments:
For this project you will need one large piece of tag board (12x18 or so) or heavy construction paper per student, one paper bag per student, glue, and markers or the Ten Commandments printed out for each child. Have the children cut two tablet shapes out of the paper bags - you may need to trace them for the younger children. Crumple the tablets encouraging the children to smash them really well to make them look old and weathered. Smooth the tablets and glue them onto the tag board (make sure they put the blank side up). Glue on the printed commandments five on each tablet or write the commandments on the tablets with markers.

It may be useful to list the commandments in a language more easily understood for the younger children. The following come from Sola's "Luther's Small Catechism: Children's Version". 1. I am the Lord your God, do not trust in any other Gods. 2. Do not use God's name in any worthless way. 3. Take a day off each week, and set it aside for God. 4. Pay attention to your dad and mom. 5. Do not kill. 6. Be loyal to the person you are married to. 7. Do not steal. 8. Do not lie about other people. 9. Do not wish to have someone else's house. 10. Do not wish to have what belongs to someone else.

Options: The younger children could draw pictures for some of the commandments, such as a picture of their mom or dad to represent honoring their mother and father. The older children could use Roman numerals for the numbering. Also, the class could make one very large set of commandments to hang in the classroom.

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