Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Activity (Series A2 - Lesson 1): Wheat & Basket

Sunday Schoohouse Series Activity- Unit A2
Lesson 1: Ruth Cares for Naomi (Ruth 1:1-18)

As part of this lesson the children will make wheat and a basket:
For this project you will need yarn, glue, scissors, a piece of brown construction paper for each child and markers. The children will make yarn wheat using several pieces of yarn approximately 5 inches in length. Braid the yarn together leaving the top inch unbraided. Tie a small piece of yarn at the bottom of the braided wheat shaft and at the end of the braid near the top to stop unraveling. Make several pieces of yarn wheat. Cut the constructions paper into a large oval shape and make a slit in the middle lengthwise. This is the basket for the wheat. Under the slit on the basket write, "Lord, help us to be faithful and loyal friends." Then tuck the yarn wheat into the slit. Glue the bottom of the wheat on the back of the basket under the slit and the top of the wheat on the front above the slit. Make crisscross marks on the basket to make it look woven.

For younger children, braid the yarn for them ahead of time or have them cut wheat out of construction paper. They can cut several slits on the top inch of the shaft for the wheat top look.

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