Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday Schoolhouse Books Now Available

The Leader's Manual and the first Classroom Resource Book for Sola's new Sunday Schoolhouse series are now available for order.  Call the WordAlone office at: 1-888-551-7254 (toll free) or 651-633-6004 (MN local).

The Leader's Manual
(Product Code: S-0100, $7.99)
Aimed at Sunday School teachers, helpers, and coordinators, this book provides an overview of the whole Sunday Schoolhouse series. In addition to laying out the structure of a Sunday School program for pastors, coordinators and superintendents, it contains basic information for teachers and helpers on using the curricula, conducting class sessions, and creating a disciplined teaching environment. It also includes a number of ideas on incorporating into the classroom, including: story-telling, drama, memory work, and creative activities. (The same Leader’s Manual can be used for all three years of the curriculum cycle.)  Click HERE to check out some sample pages from the Leader's Manual.

The Classroom Resource Book
Year A, Unit 1, Old Testament
(Product Code: S-A120, $9.99)
This book contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lesson, pictures, drama, and worksheets.  This first unit covers stories from the first half of the Old Testament, from Genesis through Joshua.  Click HERE to check out some sample pages from the Classroom Resource Book.

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