Monday, August 30, 2010

Feedback Page: Sola Confirmation Series

Please use this page to provide feedback on the Sola Confirmation Series — available for the 2010-2011 school year on a limited basis, as a "beta test" version.  You are welcome to provide encouragement, constructive criticism, recommendations, or suggestions.


  1. Thanks for offering feedback on the Sola Confirmation Series. When I receive notification of your comment, I can approve it for posting.

    Pastor Steve King
    Director, Sola Publishing

  2. @ Steve -- Thanks for the set of sermon note formats you e-mailed earlier. Nicely done!

    I'm working up a student's planner for selecting and completing worship-related activities during confirmation. It will include a range of choices to be selected and completed each term: Sermon/worship notes lector, assisting minister, prepare and offer children's message; prepare and give a temple talk, choir/special music, acolyte, usher, banner-making, or students' proposals. Parents, students and confirmation leaders will sign off on the individualized plans. The goal is for students to attain a fuller perspective of worship life than written sermon notes alone will allow, and to practice a variety of worship leadership roles that are in keeping with both the needs of the worshipping community and the individual's talents.

    If anyone out there has something like thi in the works already, I'd be glad to compare notes.

    Rev. Cathi Braasch, STS

  3. In my congregation, we assign confirmation students to various volunteer duties, working along with adults. We give students a chance to "try out" different responsibilities: usher, greeter, altar guild (communion setup), nursery -- along with other service activities. While it is not 'required', we have many students involved in music, read scripture lessons, and help lead Sunday School classes.

  4. Thanks Steve,

    The curriculum is working well for us… It gives structure to our small group leaders. Thanks. I’m appreciating the variety of options to choose from in terms of biblical references.

    Great Stuff. Thanks Again!

    Pastor Kelly Wasberg

  5. Pastor Steve,
    I had a meeting last night with the parents of our 5 current students and the two families that took their 7th graders out of the program in October. All liked the Apostles' Creed lessons. I heard comments like: "This looks very good for their age." "James would like the visuals in the lessons." " I think the kids would understand this easily." All liked the Worship Notes much better that the Sermon Notes that have been required. They were all surprised that I included them in the planning for the rest of the year. One parent asked what would be required of them to be confirmed in the spring. I had no answer as we have no pastor for leadership in this. I stressed that I saw Confirmation as an achievement but as part of a life long process of learning and serving. Perhaps in the next several months we can discuss their Confirmation more. Perhaps with Pastor Cathi. Our congregation is so damaged that I want these students to feel that they are important to us and have a place. Thank you again for your support and interest. God bless you and Merry Christmas. Mary Nelson

  6. Dear Mary:

    I'm glad to hear that the Sola Confirmation materials will work for you. I know your congregation is in the midst of some difficult transitions, and it might be some time before you have a new pastor. Even so, I'm thinking you will find that these materials are straight-forward enough to use with little preparation. I will continue to post and distribute "extras" for the series as they are produced, to help you fill out your Confirmation program. Please let me know if I can help out in specific ways.

    Keep in Touch,
    Pastor Steve King

  7. @ Mary --

    Wonderful news about how the confirmation progrm is being revitalized in your congregation!

    As a near-by test-congregation for SOLA confirmation materials, we stand ready to assist in anyway we can as you adopt this curriculum. We're just 21 miles and/or a phone call away!

    Rev. Cathi Braasch STS
    Hope Ev. Lutheran Church
    Smithfield NE 68976

  8. Pastor King:

    We just finished the 10th chapter of the beta Creed. I am very pleased with it! The layout is perfect for one hour, the analogies are clear, the teaching is sound. (Just one minor quibble, hardly worth mentioning: I'd emphasize catholic in the creed rather than Christian, because catholic is an excellent teachable moment, a nice Greek lesson. Moreover, I think catholic says something more amplifying than Christian. For me they are complementary though not exactly synonymous terms) Aside from the obvious simple typos you've probably already caught, I think you have a first-rate curriculum here. I look forward to many years of purchasing materials from sola.
    --Pastor Steve McGinley
    Faith Lutheran Church, St. Charles, MN

  9. Dear Pastor McGinley:

    Thanks for the good words. The "Christian" vs. "catholic" wording in the Creed was actually a choice made by the ReClaim Resources group that produced the catechism incorporated into these materials.

    I raised a similar concern in the printing of that work, adding the (* or catholic) footnote at the bottom. The ReClaim Committee's argument is that Luther's version of the catechism actually said "Christian." Perhaps he considered that a "teachable moment" in the opposite direction, given what the word Catholic would have implied then.

  10. Pastor King,
    Do you have suggestions for a "get-together" after the confirmation service for a group discussion on "Now that your are confirmed, what's next?" We will be confirming 5 on Pentecost, June 12, 2011. Thanks Mary K Nelson, Bethel Lutheran, Holdrege, NE

  11. Mary, what a JOY to know that you'll be confirming five young people on Pentecost! I think of where you all were just a few months ago, rebuilding your confirmation ministry, and just thank the LORD for this turn around!

    As for the auestion, "Now that you are confirmed, what's next?" We actually address that before the young people are confirmed, in three ways: 1) through some of their service projects, which give them the opportunity to explore different facets of leadership and service; 2) "How would you like to be involved...." is one of the questions asked during their pre-approval, one-on-one interviews with members of the congregational council; and 3)a few weeks after confirmation at a service project (student-organized cleaning of the otherwise abandoned Yoder Amish Mennonite Cemetery) and pizza feed.

    Hope this is helpful ... Pastor Steve will probably have even better ideas!

    Pastor Cathi Braasch STS

  12. Dear Mary:

    One of the ways we've had that "what now?" kind of conversation is something we've done just prior to the Confirmation service. We get together the students and confirmation sponsors (adult members of the congregation who serve as 'new member' sponsors for each confirmand). They get together for an "interview" -- with an ice cream social -- where students ask the sponsors about their adult involvement in church.

    Here is the 'interview form' the students use (download):

    I will also put the link to this form on the Confirmation page.

  13. Mary:

    A thought along the lines of what you are asking about ...

    I realize that churches very different traditions about the time of year for Confirmation services to be held. I have favored the tradition of putting the service in the early Fall, instead of at the end of the school year.

    We do our Confirmation service the week after Rally Sunday, which is the same week the new Confirmation class and our Senior High Youth Group resumes (both held on Wednesday nights). The idea conveyed is then not so much an "ending" but the beginning of participation in the "next" group. Granted, not all students continue on, but we've found it to be a 'boost' to starting the new school year will students continuing to be involved.

    Pastor Steve King