Monday, August 30, 2010

Feedback Page: Luther's Small Cat Series

Please use this page to provide feedback on Luther's Small Cat Series - a graded supplementary curriculum based on Martin Luther's Small Catechism.  You are welcome to provide encouragement, constructive criticism, recommendations, or suggestions.


  1. Thanks for offering feedback on Luther's Small Cat Series. When I receive notification of your comment, I can approve it for posting.

    Pastor Steve King
    Director, Sola Publishing

  2. I'm glad to find something on the catechism for elementary kids. I have only been able find middle-school aged materials. The Communion book worked great for our first Communion class.

    Jim O'Malley

  3. Our Chris Ed Director used a black and white hand-puppet cat, got one of the men in the congregation to dress up as Martin Luther, then presented the 10 Commandments section week by week at the beginning of the Sunday School session as a dialog between Martin and his cat. One of the older kids read the cat's part and "activated" the puppet.
    Mary E. Wolf