Sunday, August 29, 2010

Report from the L-CORE/NALC Gathering

My apologies for the delay in responding to the many emails that were sent to me in the last week expressing interest in Sola’s new Sunday Schoolhouse and Confirmation series.  I just returned from the Lutheran CORE theological conference and convocation in Columbus, OH.  I will follow-up with all messages as soon as I can.

I want to express thanks to all those who introduced themselves to me at the Lutheran CORE gathering, and for the great reception Sola Publishing received from attendees. It is an honor to serve as the primary publishing resource provider to Lutheran Core and the larger confessional movement, including folks in: WordAlone, LCMC, and now, NALC.  It is great to be a part of this exciting new adventure in faith.

At Sola, we have been working at an incredible pace to provide the basic education materials needed by congregations for the coming year. I appreciate all the good words of support from those who have been using Sola materials.  This September, Sola will be moving forward in a number of ways, with a new online ordering website, expansion to include additional resources from contributing authors, and moving the operations of Sola to Maple Lake, Minnesota, to enhance customer service and distribution.

If you or your congregation would like to assist us in taking this step forward, we would be grateful to have you consider direct contributions or inclusion in your congregation’s budget.  Please contact me at or write to Sola Publishing at PO Box 521, Maple Lake, MN 55358.

As we move into the new future of Lutheranism in North America and worldwide, we are proud to be a partner with you in this ministry together!

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Steve King
Director, Sola Publishing

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