Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming Soon: Ten Commandment Confirmation Book


To those who have been using the Sola Confirmation Series in its beta test phase this past year, and those who are looking forward to the next unit on the Ten Commandments, I wanted to send a brief update to let you know what is coming.

Everything is on schedule for the ten session unit on the Ten Commandments; it will be available to be used for classes this Fall (2011). The completed book will released by the end of August at the latest. Prior to then, I will be sending out individual sample sessions to give you a preview.

For the time being, let me provide you with an overview of topics. Each session below corresponds to the like-numbered Commandment (1-10).

Session 1: Priority
Session 2: Respect
Session 3: Sabbath
Session 4: Authority
Session 5: Protection
Session 6: Fidelity
Session 7: Responsibility
Session 8: Integrity
Session 9: Contentment
Session 10: Consequences

There will be a single end-of-unit test and study sheet on the Commandments which I will post online this Fall. I will also provide weekly Catechism memory quizzes as well. Looking ahead, the final unit on the Lord’s Prayer will be released to begin classes in January 2012.

Just to let you know, like last year, this year’s materials will continue to be released as “beta test versions” – meaning: I hope you will continue to provide feedback and suggestions, so that by the Fall of 2012, the whole finalized series will be released.

Thanks for your support,

Pastor Steve King
Director/General Editor
Sola Publishing

PS. All the free materials that I have posted online (worship notes, study sheets, tests, etc.) have been moved from the Sola blog to the main Sola website, under the tab heading "Free Sola Resources" at the top of the page:

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