Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Activity B4 - Lesson 2: Power Experiment

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B4
Lesson 2: Peter & John Heal a Lame Man

Power Experiment - Materials Needed:
- large heavy book
- table strong enough to have a child sit on
- thick plastic shopping bag without holes

Read the memory verse from the Picture page. Ask, can you lift your friend off of a table without touching them? Lay the bag on the table (near a corner) so the top third hangs over the edge. Place the large book on top of the bag and have one of the children sit on it with their legs over the adjacent corner. Have another child (or teacher) gather the open end of the shopping bag together so the opening is small. Then blow hard, like you are blowing up a balloon. Blow until the child sitting on the book is lifted off of the table. You may want to give everyone a turn. God gave the miraculous power of healing to Peter and John by simply using the name of Jesus Christ.
God made pressure to work in such a way that one child can lift another off of a table without toughing them. God provides miracles in other ways throughout our world we just need to notice them. For younger children, the teachers should blow up the bags and have a spotter for the child sitting on the book.

Bible Bowl Race Activity:
Everyone starts at one end of the room. Quiz the children from today's lesson, i.e. name the disciples that healed the beggar. If they get it right they walk two steps forward, if not they do not move. Keep asking until someone makes it across the room and wins. If time allows try it with the lesson from the week before and see how much the children remember.

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