Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Activity C1 - Lesson 7: River Crossing

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C1
Lesson 7: Crossing the Jordan (Joshua 3:1 - 4:10)

Create a 3-D River Crossing - Materials Needed:
- brown and green construction paper
- sand in tub with a spoon
- glue, markers, small pebbles
- plastic wrap (clear or blue)

Take a 9x12 piece of brown construction paper and set it down horizontally. Use a pencil to mark out the banks of the Jordan River so it flows from the left side of the paper to the right with banks on the top and bottom of the page. On the bottom edge of the paper write, "The Lord does amazing things."  Tear bits of green construction paper and glue the bits to both banks of the river. Take some of the plastic wrap and glue the edges to the paper a few inches in from the left edge of the paper. Crumple up the excess plastic wrap so it looks like "heaped up" water. (It may need dabs of glue in different areas to get it to stay on the paper.) Spread glue over the surface of the marked out river area to the right of the plastic wrap and sprinkle the river bed with sand. A pile of twelves small pebbles can represent Joshua's marker in the midst of the Jordan.

Activity: Don't Forget to Remember
The key word for this lesson is remembrance. Either work together as a class or in teams and see who can remember and list various examples of miracles from the Bible. Have the students make another list to name events or special things God has done in their own lives. Remind the students most of God's miraculous wonders are not "supernatural" or strange. God often used ordinary earthly things as the means to do his work and show his glory.

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