Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Activity B2 - Lesson 6: Shield Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B2
Lesson 6 - Nehemiah Rebuilds Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2 and 4)

Make a Shield - Materials Needed:
- each child will need a piece of cardboard or
  tag board big enough to make a shield
- scissors, tacky glue, and packing tape
- aluminum foil
- construction paper
- permanent markers

Cut a strip of cardboard about three inches wide and ten inches long and set aside. From the remainder of the cardboard trace then cut out the shape of a soldier's shield. Wrap the shield in aluminum foil to give it a metallic look. Use the tacky glue to glue down the sides of the aluminum on the back of the shield. Take the strip of cardboard previously set aside; using the packing tape attach each end of the strip vertically to the back of the shield so that the children can put their arms through and hold the shield from behind. Using the construction paper cut out a cross and glue it to the front of the shield. Use the permanent markers to write, "Do not be afraid - Remember the Lord who is Great and Awesome." You may want to have this typed for the smaller children to paste on their shields.

Activity: Acrostic Prayer
Make an acrostic prayer based on the theme word "Responsibility". Use each letter of the theme word as the starting letter in each word of the prayer.

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