Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Activity B2 - Lesson 7: Psalm 23 Book Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B2
Lesson 7: The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Create a Psalm 23 Book - Materials Needed
- 8.5x11 sheet of craft foam for each student
- two sheets of copy paper for each student
- crayons or markers and pens or pencils
- yarn and scissor
- copies of Psalm 23 for each student
- hole punch

First cut the craft foam in half so the you have two 8.5 x 5.5 sheets, this is the front and back cover of the book. Cut the copy paper in half the same direction and stack it inside the covers. Using a hole punch, punch three holes on the long left side of the book, make sure to punch the inside pages as well. Cut bits of yarn, string through the holes and tie loosely to hold the book together. Write the title on the front of the book, "Psalm 23", underneath write "Illustrated by: (add child's name)". Younger children may need the psalm printed and cut into sections to paste in the book. Older children can write the psalm using their copy for reference. The children will illustrate the pages following the imagery of Psalm 23. Suggested outline: Page 1 - verse 1-2a; Page 2 - verse 2b-3a; Page 3 - verse 3b; Page 4 - verse 4; Page 5 - verse 5; Page 6 - verse 6. The back page can be used to give a biography of the illustrator: name, age, where they live and how they spend their days.

Activity: Find the Verse
Race to see who can look up a given Bible verse the fastest. Have students sit with their Bibles closed in front of them. The teacher then reads off a book, chapter, and verse and students race to look it up. The first student to find the verse in the Bible reads it aloud. That same student gets to choose the next book, chapter, and verse to look up.

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