Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Activity B3 - Lesson 6: Make a Board Game

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B3
Lesson 6: The Thief Repents on the Cross (Luke 23:32 - 43)

Create a Repentance Board Game - Materials Needed:- large piece of paper for each child (from a craft paper roll)
- markers, pencil, miscellaneous decorative craft items
- miscellaneous items to use as game markers

For this project each child will create a board game around repentance. For younger children it may be best to make a class board game together. Provide the children with some reminders of common things in a board game; for example, on this square move back three spaces, or short cuts between spaces. Encourage the children to remember the theme of repentance - the game should be about God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Tell the children to take their time and be creative and have them decorate the game. Further ideas: the third to the last square could have a skull on it, the last winning square could be labeled"Jesus' Forgiveness", one square may be labeled "Big Sin - go back 10 squares" then that square could be labeled "God's Grace Return forward 10 squares".

Take turns playing the children's games.

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