Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Activity B3 - Lesson 7: Empty Tomb Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B3
Lesson 7: The Resurrection (Matthew 28:1 - 15)

Create an Empty Tomb - Materials Needed:
- piece of large size construction paper (not white) for each child
- a piece of paper bag (approximately 4"x4") for each child
- variety of fabric scraps including white fabric
- yarn scraps and paper fasteners for each child
- scissors, glue, and markers
- a copy of this lesson's prayer (older children can re-write it; one each for younger children)

Have each child crumple their paper bag piece repeatedly until it has a rough stone look. Flatten out the paper bag piece and cut it into a boulder shape. Lay the large construction paper piece horizontally and attach the boulder to the left bottom side with the paper fastener. The fastener should be applied to the bottom left of the boulder. This will allow the boulder to slide up on the paper. Slide up the boulder and write "He is Risen!" underneath it. Lower the boulder back so you cannot see the words until the stone is "rolled" away. Have the children cut out robes for the angel and the two Marys. Use the white cloth for the angel's robe. Use yarn for the hair and markers for the faces. Write the prayer from the lesson at the top of the paper. For younger children: pre-cut the fabric, boulder, prayer, etc. so they can simply attach the pieces to the paper.

Act out the drama: Act out the drama provided, make noise and fall down for the earthquake; have two guards fall to the ground, etc.

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