Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Activity B4 - Lesson 4: Transformation Art

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B4
Lesson 4: Transformation Art (Acts 9:1 - 31)

Create Transformation Art - Materials Needed:
- one white piece of paper per student; 1/2 sheet if time is short
- multiple colors of crayons and 1 black crayon per student
- one craft stick or something to scratch the black crayon off the paper per student

Have the children fill their entire piece of paper with different color patches in what ever shapes/patterns they like. Remind them to press hard to get good full color coverage of the paper. When the paper is completely colored with different colors take the black crayon and color over the other colors. Again they must press hard to cover the whole page making it black. Then using the craft stick; have the children draw a scene from the story by scratching a layer of black crayon allowing the picture to show with all the multiple colors originally used.
For younger children: A story scene may be too complicated, have them draw a butterfly and think about the transformation Saul made when he changed to Paul - like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Act Out the Drama with Props:
Act out the drama using basic props: a flashlight for the light that blinded Paul, fake flower petals to drop in front of Paul's eyes like the scales falling off when he regained his sight, etc.

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