Monday, March 26, 2012

Activity B4 - Lesson 6: Help Wanted Ad

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B4
Lesson 6: Timothy Learns How to Be a Leader (1 Timothy 4:6 - 16)

Create a Help Wanted Ad - Materials Needed:
- Wanted ads from newspapers for examples
- Copy paper or sheet with pre-printed headers (see example below) for each child
- Pencils

For this project the children will make a want ad for a "leader", just like someone would put into a newspaper looking to fill a position. For younger children, make a want ad together as a class. For older children, have each child write their own want ad (review examples). Go through the lesson and discuss what the qualities actually mean, how can you tell if someone has those qualities, etc.
Example - Wanted: A Good Minister of Jesus Christ - Must have ability to hold tongue (discuss what this means), desire to learn about God (how do we do this), works well with children (how important does the class feel this is). Hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Benefits: Relationship with God (discuss these benefits). You could even collect the ads from the kids, copy them so the kids can bring them home; or type them up to look like a newspaper and make a copy for each child.

Erase It Memory Work - Write out the memory verse on an erasable board. Have everyone recite the verse together several times. Give one student an eraser and ask the student to erase one word. Have everyone recite the verse again, saying the missing word. Repeat the process until there are no words left on the board. Then have the class recite the whole verse by memory.

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