Thursday, August 16, 2012

Activity C1 - Lesson 2: Noah and the Ark

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C1
Lesson 2: Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6 - 7)

Complete the Animal Pairs - Materials Needed:
- Animal pictures from magazine or internet
- 9x12 construction paper
- scissors, glue, crayons, markers, pencils

From magazines or the internet, collect an assortment of animal pictures, about 8x10 in size. Cut the pictures in half lengthwise. Provide each child with a piece of light-colored construction paper and have them glue the half picture on the paper leaving room for the missing half. Then have the children complete the animal by drawing the other half on the paper. Since the pictures were cut in half, when the students are finished, there should be animal pairs.

Option: Use butcher paper cut in the shape of the Ark (a simple crescent shape would work). Post the animal pictures inside the boat.

Animal Alphabet: Have the students stand in a circle. Go around the circle having children name an animal, starting with the letter "A" and going through to "Z". If someone gets stuck, allow others in the class to offer suggestions. But that same student should go the next letter and name an animal before the turn moves on. Examples: A = Ape, B = Buffalo... Y= Yak, etc.

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