Friday, September 7, 2012

Activity C1 - Lesson 3: Dream Telescope

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C1
Lesson 3: Joseph's Brothers are Jealous (Genesis 37:1 - 35)

Create a Dream Telescope - Materials Needed:
- paper towel tubes, one for each child
- tape and aluminum foil, craft materials
- a copy of the star pattern on lightweight paper

Print off the star pattern on a sheet of lightweight white paper. Copy enough so each child has one copy. Fold the cut-out circle around the end of the paper towel tube (the paper will look like a cupcake holder). Tape the clip art to the end of the tube making sure it covers the entire opening. Have the children cover the sides of the tube with aluminum foil (taping the edges), and decorate their telescopes with stickers, jewels, markers, etc. When they hold their tube up to the light, they should be able to see what Joseph saw in his dream: the sun, the moon and 11 stars.

Envy Activity:
Ask the class if they now what "envy" means. Ask the students to give examples of when they have felt envious of others, or wished they had something special that belonged to someone else. Brainstorm ideas on how to resist those feelings (e.g. counting your blessings)

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