Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Activity C2 - Lesson 7: Giant Greeting Card

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C2
Lesson 7: Job's Suffering (Job 1 & 2)

Create a Giant Greeting Card - Materials Needed:
- Poster Board
- Markers or crayons
- Glitter glue, stickers, etc.

When Job suffered loss after loss, he felt very alone. Think of someone (or more than one person) in your congregation who is suffering right now. It could be a hospitalized person, a family grieving a recent death, etc. Ask your pastor for some suggestions. Tell the students that when people are suffering, it can help to know that others are praying for them. Make a giant class card for that very purpose! Fold the poster board in half. Write, "God is with you!" or "Your are in our thoughts and prayers." on the front of the card. Ask older kids to write uplifting Bible verses on the inside. Some suggestions include: Psalm 46:1; Isaiah 41:10; 1 Peter 5:7: Psalm 34:8; Proverbs 3:5; and Nahum 1:7. Younger kids can draw pictures and help decorate the card with stickers or glitter glue. Be sure everyone signs the card. As a class, say a prayer for the person who will receive the card.

Activity: Lost and Found
Bring in one "snack sized" bag of M&Ms (or similar treat) per student. Invite students to hold out their hands, palms up. Put one M&M in each person's hand, telling them not to eat it. Ask what they like best about the treat (it's sweet, it's chocolatey, etc.) Then collect everyone's treat and toss them in the trash. Ask kids how they feel about losing their candy before getting to eat it. Today's story is about a man named Job who lost much more than candy; he lost everything! But Job continued to trust God. Then hand out the remaining candy for the kids to enjoy.

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