Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Activity C3 - Lesson 2: Fish Tank Window Ornament

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C3
Lesson 2: Jesus Calls Some Fisherman (Luke 5:1 - 11)

Create a Fish Tank Window Ornament - Materials Needed:
- Colored tissue paper - various colors
- Wax paper - two pieces per student
- Iron and travel ironing board or safe flat surface to iron on
- Scissors - one per student
- Permanent Markers

Plug in the iron and let it heat up being sure it is away from the children. Give each student several pieces of colored tissue paper and a pair of scissors. Draw a fish outline on the board as an example of a fish shape for the children. Have the children cut 5 - 10 fish out of their tissue paper. Next, give each child 2 pieces of wax paper. Tell students to lay their fish shapes on one piece of wax paper. The shapes may overlap slightly. Ask kids to place the second piece of wax paper on top of the fish. The teacher can iron over the top piece of wax paper; sealing the fish in place. Trim any ragged edges. The children can use permanent marker to writ the memory verse at the bottom of the ornament.
Option: If time allows have construction paper and glue available for the kids to make a frame for their ornament.

Activity - Caught in God's Net!
You will need a large area in which to run around. Choose two kids to be the "fishing net", and ask them to link arms. All the other kids will be "fish". In this tag game the fishing net will try to tag as many fish as possible. Any fish that is tagged will link an arm adding to the net. People on each end of the net will continue to tag other fish until everyone is caught!

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