Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Activity C3 - Lesson 6: 3-D Cross Picture

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C3
Lesson 6: Simon Carries Jesus' Cross (Luke 23:13 - 34)

Create a 3-D Cross Picture - Materials Needed:
- a few boxes of toothpicks
- colored cardstock or heavy paper (cut into fourths to make pieces about 5 1/2" by 4 1/2 ")
- yarn (cut into 8" lengths)
- pencils, glue
- hole punch, scissors

Give each student a small piece of cardstock and a pencil. Punch two holes at the top of the cardstock. Thread the yarn through the holes and tie making a loop. Ask kids to draw the outline of a large cross on the cardstock. Spread glue inside the cross shape. Press toothpicks onto the glue inside the cross shape filling in as much as possible . Keep flat until completely dry.

Activity: Unexpected Obstacle Course
Create a simple obstacle course with chairs or other classroom items. Divide the class into pairs. One person in each pair will be the leader and the other will be the follower. Each pair will be timed to see how long it takes them to complete the obstacles course. Each person will also have to bend at the waist balancing a book on their backs as they follow their leaders through the course. If the book falls off, the pair must return to the beginning and do the course again while the clock is still running.

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