Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some More Dragonflies

My last post was an idea for Lent using the image of the dragonfly which reminds me of the Eucharistic Prayer that says, "Jesus who reached out to heal the sick and suffering, who on the cross opened his arms to all" . . . because of their outstretched wings.

I decided that I would create a dragonfly that the Sunday School kids of my parish could color. We will laminate their art and then hang them from fishing line from various places in the nave and chancel. So here is that creation along with a couple of other ones we will use as well. My hope is this image will help us to think about those open arms of Jesus on the cross for our sake!

If you happen to like any of my creations, please feel free to use them. 
Blessings as you prepare for this upcoming Lenten Season!

Pastor Amy Little

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