Monday, April 1, 2013

Activity C4 - Lesson 6: Bible Lantern Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C4
Lesson 6: Letter from an Eyewitness (2 Peter 1:1 - 21)

Bible Lantern Craft - Materials Needed:
- colored construction paper
- rulers
- pencils and markers
- scissors and stapler

Give each student a piece of construction paper. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Then, set it down so the fold is facing you. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a line across the top of the paper, lengthwise, about an inch from the edge. Within that margin write, "Your Word is a lamp to my feet" (Psalm 119:105) in marker.
Use scissors to cut from the fold to the line. Repeat several times, making each cut about an inch away from the previous one. Open the paper, and roll so the two short sides connect. Staple them in place to make a lantern. Cut a handle from another piece of paper, and staple across the top if you wish.
The book of Peter tells us to pay attention to God's Word, just as we should to a lamp shining in the darkness. Use these lanterns to decorate the classroom, or send them home. Wherever they are, they'll serve as a beacon, remindging us that God's Word is a "lamp to my feet and a light to my path".

Activity: Missionary Contact
Before class, find the address of a missionary family. Your church may support a specific one. Or, check out the World Mission Prayer League website. Working as a group, write a class letter to a missionary family. (Younger children can draw pictures.) Encourage the missionaries, ask questions, and write a prayer for them. Then mail the letter. Tell the class that the apostles often used letters to encourage faithful people across the world.

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