Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Activity B1 - Lesson 5: Sponge Painting the Burning Bush

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B1
Lesson 5: Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1 - 20)

Sponge Painting the Burning Bush - Materials Needed:
- glue
- acrylic paints in tan, brown, black, red, orange, and yellow
- paint brushes
- several sponges (large and small)
- stamps of shoe prints and footprints or sponges cut in those shapes.
- large piece of white paper per child
- copies of Exodus 3:5 "Remove the sandals from your feet...you are standing on holy ground."

Barely dip the face of a large sponge into the tan paint and gently dab a little paint on the paper to make the mountains. Using a brush paint the branches of the bush on the mountain. Using the smaller sponges, barely dip the face of one sponge into yellow and another in orange and red. Dab them gently around the branches adding fire. Show Moses' path up the mountain by using the shoe shaped stamp/sponge and black paint, then add the barefoot prints closer to the bush. Glue the verse at the top of the paper.
Alternatively, make this a class project using a large piece of paper for a mural and have everyone work together.

Out-the-Door Activity:
Have the students line up at the door. In order to get out the door, each student must answer a question from the story. If a student misses the question, have him or her move to the back of the line and try again. You may want to ask harder questions first, moving on to the easier ones. If you finish all the quesions, start over; don't worry about asking the same questions a second time.

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