Thursday, September 29, 2011

E-Book on The Augsburg Confession

Looking for something to read on your Kindle? Check out this e-book from Pastor DJ Lura:

lura.pngSo What's a Lutheran, Don'tcha Know?
[Kindle Edition] - by Rev. D.J. Lura

What does it mean to be Lutheran? In the vast spectrum of Christianity how do Lutherans differ from other Christians? With a bit of humor and an intentional effort to simplify “theological” language, this book looks at the Augsburg Confession; the official declaration of faith that began the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It highlights the unique message of the Gospel, and explains what Lutherans offer the Evangelical witness of Jesus Christ in the world today. This is an e-book available only at Amazon for $2.99 (Go HERE).

(Parts of Pastor Lura's e-book were included in printed form in the leader's guide of Sola Publishing's study on the Augsburg Confession.  He currently serves as a Lutheran pastor in the Philadelphia area.)

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