Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Schoolhouse Unit B2 Released!

The second installment in the the "Red Year" of the Sunday Schoolhouse series has just been released.  This unit covers the second half of the Old Testament, under the subtitle: "Stories of Prophets and Kings."  If you are using the Red series this year, you are now set with lessons through the end of December.

For those who are counting — maybe it's just me — the three-year cycle of Bible Story Lesson Books is now halfway complete!  I'm pleased to say that Sola has published its Sunday School installments on schedule, according to our three plan.

When the basic three-year Sunday Schoolhouse series is complete, I look forward to adding a matching workbook for older elementary students.  Our plan is to produce a "digging deeper" edition to match the Sunday Schoolhouse series, which will include Bible history, geography, and text study for question/discussion, aimed at the 5-7 grade level.

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