Thursday, September 8, 2011

Activity B1 - Lesson 3: Family Tree Craft

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Red Unit B1
Lesson 3: Abraham and Sarah Promised a Child (Genesis 18:1 - 15)

Family Tree Craft - Materials Needed
fair amount of small branches
- blue, brown, green construction paper
- green tissue paper
- glue and scissors
- pencils and markers

Use the blue construction paper as the background. Have the children cut a tree trunk out of brown construction paper and glue it onto the blue paper. Have the children cut out enough leaves from the green construction paper so that they have one per family member. Write the names of the children and their family members on the leaves. Glue the small branches above the tree trunk making the branches of the family tree. Glue the small leaves near the branches. To make the tree appear full, glue small pieces of green tissue paper around the tree top by wrapping a small piece on the erasor end of a pencil, dipping it in glue and pressing it onto the paper. Use markers to make wood grain lines on the trunk.

"Find the Verse" Race Activity:
Break the class into two teams. Pick a Bible verse, whichever team can find the verse and read it first gets a point. Highest points wins the race.

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