Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Activity C3 - Lesson 7: Seeing is Believing Experiment

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C3
Lesson 7: The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13 - 35)

Perform a "Seeing is Believing" Experiment - Materials Needed:
- Covered cardboard box (shoebox works well)
- Scissors to cut a hand sized hole in the box before class
- Tape or large rubber band to secure box
- 8 - 12 small items with different textures (e.g. thimble, pickle, paper clip, tennis ball, action figure, etc.)
- paper and pencils for students and a timer

Before class, cut a hole in one side of the box. The hole should be large enough for a child's hand to fit through. Place the chosen items in the box and secure the lid with tape or large rubber bands (fewer and larger objects may be best for smaller children). Have the children reach into the box and give them a minute to silently feel the objects inside. When finished, students can write what they felt on a piece of paper. After everyone is finished remove the cover and see how many guesses were correct.

"Walking with Jesus" Activity:
Take the kids for a "walkabout" through the church. Tell them to look for signs of Jesus as they travel. If possible, walk through the sanctuary during this journey. When you return to the classroom, ask kids to describe what they saw. Ask the children if they saw artwork or Christian symbols that they hadn't noticed before? Today's story is about two travelers who felt very sad and alone, and who were surprised to find Jesus when they were least expecting to see him.

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