Thursday, March 14, 2013

Activity C4 - Lesson 3: Prayer Mobile

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C4
Lesson 3: Faith Instead of Magic (Acts 8:9 - 25)

Create a Prayer Mobile - Materials Needed:
- colored construction paper (two pieces per student)
- markers or colored pencils
- scissors
- yarn
- yarn
- hole punch

Give each student two pieces of paper. Have them fold each paper in half the long way. Starting at the fold draw two half hearts - one above the other, on each paper. Cut each of the hearts out,  leaving you with four hearts. Make appropriate holes at the top and bottom of each heart so they can be hung in a vertical line. Have the children write (or write for the smaller children) the following - one on each of the hearts: "Create in me"; "a clean heart, O God,"; "and put a new and right spirit", "within me. Psalm 51:10". Decorate the hearts with markers. Cut four pieces of thread. Tie one end through the bottom of the first heart, and the other through the top of the second. Repeat for each heart. Loop a piece of yarn through the top of the top heart so that it can be hung.

Activity: Toothpick Illusion
Practice before performing the trick in class. Using a small piece of tape, attach a toothpick to your thumbnail. The toothpick should not extend above the nail. Bend your thumb down and put your fingers over the tape, so it looks like you are holding the toothpick. Wave your other hand in front of the toothpick hand and straighten your toothpick thumb to show the kids your palm and make the toothpick "disappear". Reverse the steps to make the toothpick reappear. Then explain to the children how the illusion worked. Explain that this trick is for fun and entertainment. We must not put our faith in magic, sorcery, or things of that nature. God is the only true source of power and goodness.

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