Thursday, March 14, 2013

Activity C4 - Lesson 4: "I'm Traveling to Athens" Game

Sunday Schoolhouse Series Activity - Green Unit C4
Lesson 4: Paul in Athens (Acts 17:16 - 34)

Play "I'm Traveling to Athens Game" - Materials needed:
- None.

Have the children sit in a large circle; either on the floor or at a table. Lead everyone in this rhythm pattern: clap twice; then slap the floor (or table) twice. Repeat. Once everyone has the rhythm down, speak these words with the beat: "I'm tra-vel-ing to Athens". Have the kids echo. On the next beat, add this sentence: "And so I'll bring some (fill in the blank)". Kids echo this, as well. On the next beat the person to your right will repeat everything, changing only the word in the blank. The game continues until someone cannot think of a new item and then they are out. Go faster on each successive round, until the game gets ridiculous or there is only one person left. Paul traveled all the way to Athens, Greece; far from his home. He did it because he believed it was very important to bring the good news of Jesus to people everywhere!

Activity: Classroom Olympics
Challenge the children to a classroom "Olympic" competition: The Stork Stand. See who can balance on one foot the longest with the sole over the other foot held to the side of the knee. Afterward, explain that the ancient Greeks began the Olympic Games to honor their group of gods. The apostle Paul knew about these gods and traveled to Greece to teach the people about the one true God.

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